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Five reasons to join our secret pilates & Omega 3 rich Mediterranean diet retreat in Crete

Far from the madding crowd, do pilates and learn the secrets of Cretan longevity from the experts

If you are looking for a break from the hustle of bustle and yearn for disconnect from it all in a superb and very private location on the island of Crete, you are (finally) at the right place. Here are the top five secrets that makes our Cretan retreat unique worldwide:

  1. We have found the perfect natural location conducive to deep relaxation and healing. The retreat Villa is surrounded by old age vineyards and rich olive groves, blessed with an optimum for health micro climate conditions all year round. 
  2. You will enjoy both freedom and privacy on site:  The retreat Villa is a historical building entirely restored into a small luxurious hotel with a pool and private garden. Far from the tourist crowds, it is truly a hidden gem in the Cretan country side.
  3. The daily pilates regime at the retreat is entirely designed for each guest's needs and health objectives. Pilates Reformer, Pilates mat and props classes are complemented by therapeutical massages, breathe work, Feldenkrais and other somatic therapies such as Bowen and/or Shiatsou.
  4. There is method and scientific evidence behind our Pilates and Omega 3 Diet Retreat.  It is not by chance we have chosen an approach based on  "intelligent" workouts,  mind-body exercises, breath work, extensive outdoor time and activities, all supported by the healthiest most balanced diet known to humanity, the original Mediterranean Diet. Plus the famous Cretan hospitality to experience during the rich meals exclusively prepared from local, seasonal and organic produce,
  5. An international team of pilates teachers, massage therapists and hosts that will guide you through your pilates practice, as well as in to the historical and culinary discovery of the island. We take professionalism seriously, but we also honestly care to make  your long awaited holiday a top experience. 

"You are joining the retreat as a guest, but you are leaving as a member of our family.​"

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