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    Starting December 2018, you can also book private programme POST NATAL Recovery Pilates.


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    POST NATAL Recovery

    Monday - Saturday

    (private sessions for busy mammas in the comfort of their HOME)

    Equipment, MAT or MAT Props private classes (home or studio hosted) are scheduled directly with Cristina at

    693 954 6372 or by email at info@up-pilates.com.

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  • UP, not down!

    Pilates is (good) for YOU.

    Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of Pilates!

  • Pilates apparatus and well-being for everyone!




    UP is not simply an acronym for Urban Pilates. UP stands for a holistic approach to the Pilates method that will help you strengthen both body and mind using new and state-of-the-art Pilates apparatus engineered and designed by experts at BASISYSTEMS.COM, under the guidance of a BASI Pilates trained instructor.


    With a repertoire of over 600 exercises performed on Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac, Pilates is ideal for anyone, from the athletic man to the mother-to-be.


    After each session you will feel your body more toned with an overall improved posture and range of motion. Don't forget to hydrate with one of our freshly slow pressed juices after your class!

  • We help you stand UP!

    Learn a bit more about the history and science behind

    Joseph Pilates

    The Pilates method of exercise was developed in the early 20th century by German-born Joseph Pilates. Pilates believed that mental and physical health are interrelated and his system of exercises was developed with the intention of strengthening both the mind and the body. He developed more than 600 exercise for various pieces of apparatus he invented, all based on the philosophy that the "whole" mind, body and spirit must be exercised to achieve good health.

    BASI Pilates Approach

    Today BASI (Body Arts and Science International) is a leading Pilates education academy with a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence. The BASI Pilates method keeps the essence of Joseph and Clara Pilates work while integrating the evolutionary processes in the art and science of movement. The Pilates repertoire and apparatus are adapted to the needs of each individual and their unique goals, while rehabilitation and re-education are also integrated.


    BASI Pilates instructors in addition to a high level knowledge of the repertoire and apparatus they also have a scientific understanding of the method and its evolution. Thus they can serve their client's needs best.


    Last, but not least, BASI Pilates instructors teach more than a work-out, they make their clients discover themselves and the power of oneself.

    Amazing results for everyone

    When practiced with consistency, Pilates will improve your overall wellbeing and body awareness. With a focus on building strength, improving flexibility and developing control and endurance, the instructor also places attention on breathing, balance, alignment and coordination. As you progress and your body strengthens and adapts to the exercises, intensity and resistance can be modified to create a more challenging class.


    Joseph Pilates said that "in 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body".

  • Your Tailor Made Pilates Programme

    Pilates is ageless and genderless, so anyone can benefit from it!

    Personalised body and mind workout

    Your Pilates programme at UP is tailor-made to your needs. There is no "one size fits all" class at our studio.

    You will be given a postural assessment, if necessary, and your instructor will gently guide you through a series of Pilates exercises, noting your areas of strength and weakness, flexibility, and range of motion with careful, hands on guidance to make corrections and ensure proper alignment.

    Throughout your session your instructor may also test muscles to see if they are firing in the proper sequence. After your first session, she will make notes in your folder for you next session and to document your progress. For maximum benefit and improvement, we recommend coming in for privates a minimum of two times per week.

    Pilates for men

    Yes, Pilates was developed by a man for men!

    Many men look great on the surface, with well-defined four-, six- or even eight-pack abs, but have little supporting them from within. Some have trouble bending over to tie their shoes because of over-utilized quads and under-utilized hamstrings. Many guys work out religiously at the gym developing bulging biceps, but lack the shoulder mobility to allow free range of movement in their arms.

    Despite the fact that Pilates was initially conceived with men in mind, many of the male persuasion harbor the false illusion that Pilates is for women. Pilates holds plenty of benefits for men who rise to the challenge—because yes, it's hard work! Whether you're a powerlifter or prepping for your first marathon, a Pilates class can help fine-tune your performance.

    Pilates for improved athletic performance

    From the football to the golf player, any athlete can benefit from Pilates. At UP Studio, we also have the right equipment and the largest reformers to accommodate any kind of athletic body.

    By addressing specific needs, which are not normally the focus of traditional athletic training, Pilates is a highly effective training supplement for athletes. The adaptability of the method allows for tailor programs for any athlete, as well as for the diverse athletic activities. Besides being a great form of cross training for athletes, it is an effective way to address the sport-specific muscle imbalances, while preventing overuse injuries and increases core strength and will help the athlete develop body awareness, breath and focus. That’s why Olympic athletes, NBA and other sports professionals have added Pilates to their training regimens.

    Pre and post-natal Pilates

    Pilates at UP Studio provides gentle, yet challenging exercises that are highly adaptable into the ever- changing pre and postnatal woman’s busy lifestyles.

    Pregnancy can be an amazing and wonderful time for women to experience. A woman’s body is designed to go through pregnancy, childbirth and nursing a child. Yet, this natural phenomenon doesn’t come without stress and strain on women’s body and well-being. During this road to motherhood, several negative body adaptions often occur within the new mothers body that don’t completely dissolve once the baby is born. The woman must learn and listen to the differences in her body to address and correct wherever necessary. There is arguably not a better place to start than with Pilates.

    Silver Age Pilates

    Our studio environment offers a trusting, caring, non-competitive setting where the exercises are safely performed on equipment and easily adaptable.

    Pilates can greatly enhance the quality of life of the elderly as well. Through Pilates, with its focus on balance and strengthening of ligaments, tendons and joints, older adults have the opportunity to increase their level of functional strength and improve the efficiency of daily life. An individualized program that concentrates on proprioceptive biomechanical awareness, balance, proper gait pattern, and postural positioning and addresses faulty motor strategies (compensations) which have developed over a lifetime can improve confidence and provide better balance, strength and flexibility when performing everyday tasks.

  • Need to know

    What you need to know before starting your Pilates program.

    Re-schedule and Cancellation Policy

    In case you need to cancel a class, please make sure you call 24hrs in advance to inform and/or re-schedule with your instructor.

    Pilates with Cristina Etiquette

    Before your class

    • Don’t eat for 1 hour before class and be well hydrated especially during hot days.
    • Wear comfortable clothes. You may wear socks if you prefer but these should have grippy soles to help you hold poses on the reformer and other apparatus.
    • Please make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes before your class, if your class is scheduled at a host studio. 
    During your class
    • Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions and inform if at any time during the exercise you feel discomfort and/or any pain. The instructor is here to provide you with his/her full attention and will create a safe and pleasant environment for your workout.
    • You may lie down at any time to take rest, but commit to staying in the room for the entire class.
    After your class
    • You may complement your experience after class with one of the juices that are slow pressed daily from fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Private& small group equipment sessions

    Our clients exercise on state-of-the-art Pilates equipment by BASI SYSTEMS under the close and safe supervision of a BASI Pilates trained instructor.

    Sessions are conducted in English and/or Greek and they last for 60 minutes.


    This is a 30 minutes session in which the instructor evaluates your fitness level and needs. Any limitations and/or medical recommendations will be strictly considered. The aim is to develop a personalised programme to suit your needs and goals. Postural and movement assessment is included and is free of charge.


    10 Equipment Duet Sessions Package (2 pers.)


    10 Equipment Sessions Package One-to-One (private)



    20 Equipment Duet Sessions Package (2 pers.)


    20 Equipment Sessions Package One-to-One (private)



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