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Crete Retreat Healing Focus

Transformative vacations for the challenging times

Although Pilates and the mind-body practice in general is a fundamental pillar of our retreats (with daily sessions on apparatus and simple effective mat and meditation exercises) allowing your soul to stretch by connecting with nature is key to our healing philosophy.

Re-connecting with nature may mean anything from long walks - plenty of trekking trails to choose from around the Villa Kerasia - to discovering secluded beaches, exploring impressive gorges and observing the rich wildlife of the island.

You can also simply join in one of the many outdoor activites on the offer, be that a traditional Cretan cooking class, a Mediterranean nutrion and longevity talk with a culinary heritage tour or the visits to the local producers. You will be amazed to discover the depths of the old wisdom still preserved in the eating habits of the Cretan countryside and the lifestyle surrounding it.

Last, but not least, during your time at the Villa, you will have plenty of time to try a variety of mindfulness practices, from the guided "awareness through movement" sessions to mindful watercolor painting and sketching classes we organise.

Remember, healing yourself is ultimately your responsibility, that means you should listen to your needs in order to reflect, renew and redirect your life. We can help you find new paths to healing, providing you with the perfect surroundings and the mind-body program to change, as well as the space to breathe.

Allow yourself to experience the transformative vacation you deserve. For the 2021 retreats schedule please email us.

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