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2nd Pilates Mat and Reformer

"Crete Retreat" 2019

Spring 2019, Kerasia - Heraklion, Island of Crete, Greece

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"Crete Retreat": experience a full mind and body transformation on the beautiful island of Crete

8 days escape to a fantastic villa retreat: daily Pilates reformer& mat training, famous Cretan Omega 3 rich diet programme, hiking, wine tasting and exploration tours in the unspoiled regions in the island of Crete.

The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.​

Escape to the magical Villa Kerasia for an inspiring dose of fresh air, natural beauty, total tranquillity and a thorough fitness and wellness boost. This Pilates Mat and Reformer retreat has a holistic approach and was created with the Cretan environment, nature and diet in mind, providing a challenging Pilates programme for both beginner and advanced practitioners, under the close supervision of experienced certified Pilates instructors. As well, this retreat provides revitalising outdoor activities in the Cretan nature, and exploration of the less known Southern coast and inland Crete. Delicious and healthy meals based on the Cretan Omega 3 Diet Plan are included (vegan and vegetarian options available). Nutritionist, physical and massage therapist services are available. Feldenkrais sessions (Awareness through Movement) will also be included in the retreat regime.

Detailed information on the programme can be found on our website.

Please contact for further information.

Available dates for Spring 2019:

April 15-22, 2019 and April 24-30, 2019

May 20 - 27, 2019 

Weekend or shorter stay retreats can also be arranged upon request.

This retreat is couple/couple with children friendly.

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